About us


To maintain a World where Companies and People still have access to a protected medium for uncompromisable security in their communications and files in order to protect their privacy rights in this digitally intrusive environment that we live in.


Encrypted Wireless helps Companies and People protect their rights to digital privacy and security in a worldwide environment that is becoming increasingly challenging and complicated for them to do so on their own.  We do this by providing continuous encryption and realtime synchronization of client selected data between Servers, user PC’s, Smartphones and Tablets via encrypted cloud services and on board device encryption software.  This for Companies to reduce the burden and costs associated with IT infrastrucutures, IT management and data breaches due to suboptimal security technologies and policies.  Additionally, for Consumers to be able to have equal access to the same level of protection that they would otherwise not be able to obtain, in order to protect their constitutional rights to privacy and security.  We will always strive and succeed to provide the latest and most effective security technologies, the highest levels of encryption as well as the strongest anti-malware solutions possible for the mobile communications and data cloud services market to acheive our Company vision.

Encrypted Wireless has been in the wireless industry for over 15 years with security as a primary focus, has thousands satisfied customers using encryption services and is currently growing quickly with a whole suite of new cloud services for security and mobile management.