Encrypted Wireless provides Security for your Wireless Mobile Devices, PC’s and Data Files using cutting edge end-to-end encryption technology via cloud services as well as Management Solutions for Multiple Mobile Device Types.

Whether it is an Email, Text Message, Pin to Pin, Instant Message, Voice call or Data File, you are protected with as much as 7680 Bit Encryption!  Security threats are continuously evolving with more sophisticated hacking and interception techniques as well as malware including viruses and spyware designed to turn your smartphone into a means of tracking your whereabouts, remotely turning on your microphone or camera, key logging, listening to your calls or accessing your messages as well as all of your data.  Loss of Data due to security breaches cost Companies a fortune every year and at the same time often their reputation with clients for how they manage their sensitive internal data.

With Encrypted Wireless software loaded on your smartphones you are connected to your Encrypted Cloud Service and protected against these threats with continuous high level encryption, secure key management, and Anti Malware.  All of this with real-time synchronization of your selected data between Servers, user PC’s, Smartphones and Touch Screen Tablets.

Manage all of your users with a Web Based Multi-OS Device Management Console for Android, Blackberry, Apple, Symbian & Windows.

True End to End Encryption for all Messages and Data Files with Keys Guarded by you.